Manifest Your Memories

Harness Your Life Vision Through Intentional Photography

"What if you didn't have to choose between being present & taking the photo?"


This is an online course on mindset, intention, & photographic practice.

The skills learned through this course will not only help you engage more intentionally through your days, but it will guide you to use photography as a tool to see & create more of the life you want to live.


dripped 1 per week


video & pdf support


connection, support, integration


artful, easy to use template/pdf


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A one of a kind learning experience.

5 weeks of TRANSFORMATIVE mindset shifts, connection, creation, engagement & devloping a life vision you're excited to manifest.

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I created this for you...

If you have a longing to make this life count...

This is for you.

If you didn't realize how important something was until it was gone...

This is for you.

If the overwhelm of the long days and short years hurts your heart...

This is for you.

If you want to remember the actual moments of your life, and not just the highlight reel...

This is for you.

By the end of this course you will...

Let go of the stress, pressure, & overwhelm that comes with documenting a moment.

Take photos that bring you back to your memory with true meaning & significance.

Found effortless ways to save moments that don't involve a ton of time and effort.

Harnessed the ability to recognize what is essential for YOU- & therefore, find more of it in your life.

Created a powerful photographic book that does your vision justice.

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"Mundane to Magical"

Transformational Field Guide

You know those times when you get in a funk and need a bit of a perspective shift to get out of it?

Use this checklist of ideas to photograph as a scavenger hunt for the mindset shift you're needing.

5 Week Transformation

To a New Way Of Seeing

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Uncover Your Learned Foundations

What are we subconsciously subscribing to?

What are our learned behaviors?

Why placing emphasis in the wrong places can be so unfulfilling.

Cultivating awareness around scarcity vs abundance mindsets.

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Your Intentional Vision

Time to REFRAME>>>Acknowledge your bigger picture.

Finding your gaps.

What story are you telling right now?

Create your Manifesto.

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How To See & Savor

My 3 proven methods for dropping into your moments w/20/20 hindsight perspective

How to release the PRESSURE of the photograph.

Recognize Your Good Ol’ Days, NOW.

Empowerment through your decision.

ACTIVATE your engaged & intentional viewing mindset.

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Effortlessly Save Your Essential Moments

Put your methods into action & start taking photos.

Tips & Tricks & Tools Guide for ease and effortless documentation

Choose your own adventure.

A step-by-step guide for when you feel stuck.

Respect you reflex.

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Nurturing Yourself & Your Archive

How to keep growing your diverse archive.

The healing power of our photographs.

Making art & meaning with the pictures we take.

Get started today.

This course includes:

On-demand video lessons

Guided Self Discovery Book Template

Course Workbook PDF

A 1:1 Integration Session


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Hi, I'm Bianca

Photographic Artist, Podcast Host, Educator

I have been photographing the intimate, personal, and heartfelt things in and around my life for almost 2 decades.

Although I love making art, the deepest part of me craves bringing unspoken conversations to light. Conversations that make you stop and say "wait- someone else feels like this too??"

That's what this course feels like to me. The culmination of my entire intimate relationship with the practice of photography in my life. I can not wait to share all of the ways to harness this magical tool that I have learned & lived throughout the years.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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Will I really have the time to do this?

First off, LIFETIME ACCESS! Woohoo!

The whole idea is that this transformation is a new way of seeing. You are already seeing. You are already taking pictures in life. This course is meant to enrich your relationship to the practice and reap the benefits in a huge way.

And as for the course itself- each module is dripped 1 per week. Let’s eliminate one more thing to feel overwhelmed about just take it one step at a time. Review the module and take those insights with you through your day. You will begin to feel it marinating and coming out in different parts of your day with no effort involved.

Should I use my camera on my phone or a real camera?

So much of this course is based around mindset and new ways of seeing- so you won’t be walking around taking a thousand photos a day. I say use whatever device enriches the experience for you. I use both and I subscribe to the best camera to have is the one you have on you. After all, in order to harness this powerful habit, it should seamlessly integrate into your life.

How is it possible to be present while taking a photo?

This is not an all or nothing approach. This is a have your cake and eat it too approach because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE.

Who’s definition of presence are you using?
In the course I give actionable strategies to help you engage deeper in your moments to bring that 20/20 hindsight into your now. But the number 1 strategy is the inner knowing you have inside and redefining what presence feels like for you.

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